Legal Seminars and Training

The Forensic Institute is committed to improving the awareness of scientific issues and the use of science in the law. We provide a range of training and learning opportunities for the legal profession, and are able to provide specialist training for firms or legal organisations upon request.

Our events for lawyers have included a free seminar series in Glasgow, seminars for the Law Society of Scotland’s Update series for Lawyers, and for the Scottish Faculty of Advocates. Topics are chosen to reflect the diversity of expert evidence types which we encounter in casework, ranging from Shaken Baby Syndrome, to drugs on money, and the issues surrounding the transfer and persistence of DNA.

Presenters, in adition to our in-house scientists, include consultants to The Forensic Institute and external specialists who are leaders in their field. The seminars are specifically focussed on issues of interest to legal practitioners and an opportunity is always provided for questions and discussions between presenters and audience-members.  

If you would like to host a seminar, please contact us.


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