The Forensic Institute celebrates its 25th year in 2024.

In addition to our well-known criminal casework, our varied workload has included the scientific assessment of stamps, investigation of sources of industrial contamination, identification of various substances, road crashes, food contamination, and the identification of possible radiation risks.

Projects and casework have been performed in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Jordan, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

In that time we have had a considerable impact on the use of scientific and medical evidence in courts across the world. Most recently we have seen an increase in DNA cases from New York where there have been a number of challenges to the use and interpretation of LCN (Low Template) DNA profiles and probabilistic genotyping systems such as FST, STRmix, TrueAllele, LikeLTD and LiRa.

We undertake legally aided work (Legal Aid Agency, Scottish Legal Aid Board, Assigned Counsel Plan etc.).  Contact us now.

You may also be interested in some interesting issues discussed in our regularly updated page Matters Arising.


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