The College of The Forensic Institute

Introduction to the College

In order to encourage and recognise excellence in the use of science and medicine in law, the College of The Forensic Institute was formed.

The College is a small number of individuals recognised by The Forensic Institute as having made outstanding contributions to the use of science and medicine in the law. These individuals are termed Fellows of the College. Fellowship of the College is only by nomination and election by College Fellows. There are no fees or payments involved in nomination, election, or being, a Fellow of the College of The Forensic Institute.

Fellows are expected, and agree, to take a constructive part in the professional activities of The College, The Forensic Institute Research Network (including its conferences and publications), and The Forensic Institute.

The main task of the College is to consider professional issues and offer advice on the quality of work provided by the Institute’s consultants and to stimulate wider debate on professional quality issues using The Institute’s networks and meetings.

Fellows agree to abide by The Institute’s Fellows’ Code of Practice and to allow continuous monitoring of the quality of their work by the College.

The Fellows’ Code of Practice

A Fellow of The Forensic Institute will act honestly and with professional integrity to ensure and enhance the reputation of The College and The Forensic Institute, making a positive contribution to their professional development, research, and education activities. The Fellow will consider all information gained as a consequence of their involvement with The College of The Institute as confidential and not be divulged to any third party unless; required by law, explicit agreement with The College, or the information is already public knowledge.

Some current Fellows

Dr Bruce Budowle (USA)

Dr Sean Doyle (NZ)

Professor David Faigman (USA)

Professor Andre Moenssens (USA)

Professor Erin Murphy (USA)

Haskell Pitluck (USA)

Professor James Robertson (Aus)

Professor George Sensabaugh (USA)

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