Experts In Forensic Science

Criminal Casework

A range of expertise for cases which involved DNA evidence, low template DNA, drugs, injuries and many more.

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Family Law

Rapid answers to questions of paternity and kinship for civil parentage cases and more.

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Training & Education

Seminars, courses, and conferences across a spectrum of policing and forensic science disciplines.

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The Forensic Institute

Our forensic DNA services include criminal casework and kinship (paternity) testing while our forensic toxicology and scientific consultancy extends to workplace drug testing and health and safety assessments.  In addition to image and CCTV analysis, we can provide expertise in forensic digital evidence such as mobile phone and other media storage analysis.

The Forensic Institute was created in 1999.  We have provided evidence in cases in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus and Gibraltar. Our experts have published two books (an encyclopedia and a guide to forensic DNA profiling). 

Whatever your requirements, just contact us via chat, phone, or email for a quick, friendly, helpful and informed response.

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