Forensic Institute Research Network (FIRN)

The Forensic Institute is committed to the improvement of the science of forensic science and its presentation in Court. We have a number of programmes encouraging and assisting research and development in current and new areas of science which will have forensic applications.

We created The Forensic Institute Research Network (FIRN) which is an international collaboration of universities created in 2004, with the single aim:

“To improve the quality and quantity of forensic science research and teaching.”

As with most areas of our work, we are always pleased to hear from potential partners and from those who wish to support us in delivering this aim.

The Forensic Research and Teaching Conference (FORREST) is the main conference for FIRN, supported by a series of Regional Student Conferences in which we sponsor prizes for the best student presentations.

The FIRN Forum is the free board which you can join to initiate or take part in discussions on topics in forensic science.  Join for free by clicking here.

Get in touch if you would like to know more or are looking to collaborate in our mission.


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